Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eugene Oregon - pledge of allegiance controversy - must be something in the air

One of the city councilor's in Eugene Oregon created a firestorm by proposing that the council recite the pledge before each of its Monday night meetings. Two Liberal councilors and the Mayor of Eugene said that "the pledge could be considered a divisive ritual".

That needs repeating ..... The Mayor and some elected city officials thing that saying the United States pledge of allegiance could be considered a divisive ritual". You have got to be kidding! Are these people for real! Must be something in the air or water up there in the Northwest. Maybe too much fresh air has relieved them of their senses.

Monday night, the council compromised in a 6-2 vote, agreeing to a voluntary pledge at 4 meetings a year closest to the patriotic holidays of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July.

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