Friday, July 01, 2011

Harvard's STUPID 4th of July study, these findings are a waste of Education Money ....

    One Assistant Professor from Harvard Kennedy School and another Assistant Professor from Bocconi University actually did a study on the "4th of July" which apparently produced some sinister findings.

Are you ready for this ?

According to the report, published by Harvard University, July 4th theme festivities (defined by the study as: fireworks, parades, political speeches, and barbecues) not only energize primarily Republicans, but also turn our children into Republicans and increase GOP voter turnout.

Children, the professors postulate, are particularly vulnerable to the implications of the apparent politically loaded parades.

And our higher education system spends money on this dribble.

This is insulting to Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. We are all Americans first and love to celebrate July 4th, Independence Day, for the greatest country on earth.

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