Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Say Hello to the - 51st. state of the USA - What? Where? Are You Kidding? ...

    Jeff Stone, a Republican member of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors is proposing the formation of the 51st.state in the Union. The 51st state would be created from 13 Southern California counties. The new geographic entity would contain about 13 million residents and make it the 5th. most populous state in the new expanded Union.

    The new state would, of course, get the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, the Miramar Naval Air Station and the San Diego naval base, including the nuclear sub facilities. Of the 13 existing counties in the new state, 11 have consistently voted Republican. I guess the rest of old California would be Democrat. This is starting to look like the great state of California-Dem. ( 50th. state ) and the great state of California-Rep. ( 51st. state )

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