Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walking Etiquette

I thought that as the nicer weather approaches it might be a good idea to talk about general walking etiquette practices. Many people enjoy walking but many people do not display common sense when walking.

If you are walking down the sidewalk and you are slow it would be polite and a good idea to walk close to the buildings or inside and let faster walkers pass on the outside. Just like driving.

When you are part of a big group of people walking shoulder to shoulder and are approaching people coming the other way, please break up into smaller groups or there will be a collision.

For all the couples out there that are so self absorbed and walk in the middle of the sidewalk, please shift to your right and share the sidewalk with that other couple coming you direction. I am sure they will shift to the right also and you both can go on your merry way. Great no collision in the middle!

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