Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bed and Breakfast - Vacation B&B Tips

Bed and Breakfast Tips
• When planning to stay at a B&B it is almost essential to make reservations ahead. This is especially important on weekends and holidays.

• The time you call for the reservation is the best time to make your travel needs, accommodation interests and breakfast desires clear. Allergies to down pillows, a need for extra blankets, or beds for very tall people should be discussed at that time. Inform your host or reservation service of specific health problems, concerns about stairs or special dietary needs.

• Check-in time is usually between 5 and 7 PM. If you need to make different arrangements, make sure you ask ahead. It’s important to inquire about check-in and check-out times when you make your reservation.

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• It’s a good idea to ask your hosts in advance for sightseeing ideas, restaurants etc. They are usually aware of the best around! Let them know the types of hobbies, sports, or food you enjoy, and you’ll be surprised how helpful a host can be!

• Most B&B hosts thrive on providing special touches that hotels just can’t do. Flowers, wine, or gifts can be arranged to be in the room when you arrive for special occasions. Dinner, limousine, or rental car arrangements can be made for you in advance; newspaper articles and brochures on things you are coming to do can be saved and placed in you room etc. Don’t be shy when you book, you’ll enjoy getting to know your host and it will help you enjoy your stay too!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Planning a Wedding ? Need a Photographer

Picking the right Wedding Photographer is one of many important decisions that you need to make so that your special day will be just perfect. Here are just a few important tips and some questions to consider when looking at wedding photographers:

• What is the price and number of pictures in your wedding album?
• Will you get to keep the proofs from your wedding album and is a CD of all your pictures included in the price?
• How many people will work your wedding and how long will they stay?
• How many pictures will be taken during the course of your wedding day and can you add any extras?
• Look carefully through each vendors wedding sample books for originality and a personal touch that will make you day special.
• Is your photographer a Certified Professional Photographer?

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take a Walk, ride a Bike, get Healthy

Summer is here, step away from that computer and head outdoors. Get healthy, ride a bike or take a long walk. It's summer and time to enjoy the great outdoors and get in shape at the same time.
When you go for that walk or ride take along your cell phone but turn it off. We are going to try something new and only use it in case of an emergency not talking to everyone about all those insignificant things. Oh, leave the Walkman home also.
We are out here to enjoy nature and our surroundings not technology. Remember when you were a small child and went for a drive with your family and constantly gazed out the car window and marveled at everything that you pass. We would like to recapture some of that feeling when we go for our walk or ride.
So get off of the couch and get healthy. One last thing, take along a friend or family member. They will enjoy it also, get healthier too and bond a little more.
As Roy Rogers said.... "Happy trails to you"

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer Pleasure - Seasonal Salad

Salad, the simple greens are anything but simple. There are basically four types of lettuces:
Lose Leaf Lettuce is probably the biggest category of greens. It can have green or red leaves and tends to be the most bitter.
Iceberg Lettuce is a ball of moist, crisp but not especially flavorful leaves.
Romaine Lettuce is long, moist, crunchy leaves and somewhat bitter.
Boston Lettuce is a well-defined head of leaves that is soft and tender.

I prefer to mix various greens together thereby getting a better texture and taste. There are many different varieties of greens that you can also use such as sweet chard, mustard greens, spicy arugula and radicchio. Of course you will need some extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, or lemons. I really am hooked on balsamic vinegar on my salads.

Besides your basic salads and dressing, you may start building a bigger masterpiece by adding vegetables, or fruits, nuts or croutons, and even meat, fish, pasta, cheese, or whole grains. Salad has no limit.