Thursday, June 05, 2008

take a Walk, ride a Bike, get Healthy

Summer is here, step away from that computer and head outdoors. Get healthy, ride a bike or take a long walk. It's summer and time to enjoy the great outdoors and get in shape at the same time.
When you go for that walk or ride take along your cell phone but turn it off. We are going to try something new and only use it in case of an emergency not talking to everyone about all those insignificant things. Oh, leave the Walkman home also.
We are out here to enjoy nature and our surroundings not technology. Remember when you were a small child and went for a drive with your family and constantly gazed out the car window and marveled at everything that you pass. We would like to recapture some of that feeling when we go for our walk or ride.
So get off of the couch and get healthy. One last thing, take along a friend or family member. They will enjoy it also, get healthier too and bond a little more.
As Roy Rogers said.... "Happy trails to you"

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