Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will "Black Friday" be a Boom or Bust ???

    Will this holiday season be a “Boom” or “Bust” for shoppers and retailers alike? Let's face it we all need clothing and this Christmas season may be a BIG year for clothing sales. This year shoppers are showing a preference for inexpensive and accessible fashion and it’s not even Christmas yet. Department stores are competing with other big stores as well as with discount retailers. I think we all can expect significant markdowns across the board in the apparel category.

    This year retailers have especially been limiting their inventory and may sell out of some items well before the holiday arrives. You will need nerves of steel to wait out some better prices as the holiday season progresses.

    The tablet may be the hottest item this year so far. It may well be a hot item for Christmas as well. Discounted HDTVs have usually been one of the hottest items on Black Friday but you have got to believe that the demand for these big ticket items will be down this year. Who really knows, only time will tell ….. and the consumer of course.

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