Monday, October 31, 2011

Will handful of “Occupy Bethlehem” squatters be the Grinch that Stole Christmas 2011 in Bethlehem?

    If you hadn’t noticed there are a handful of squatters and a little tent shantytown located on the Payrow Plaza area between the Bethlehem Public Library and City Hall. Bethlehem's kind Mayor, John Callahan, even gave the group pizza on Wednesday but there might be a awkward problem for the Mayor and the city in the coming weeks, mainly – the traditional Christmas tree in the plaza.

    Tomorrow is the 1st of November and within a few weeks the long running tradition of erecting the city of Bethlehem’s large Christmas tree will be here. If you have never seen the tree arrive it is quit a sight. The tree comes in on a long truck trailer and a huge crane and skillful workers maneuver the large tree into place and anchor the tree with strong cables. The city then beautifully decorates the tree and erects the Christmas scene in front of the tree.

    Some questionable problems remain. It appears the squatters are in the way of erecting the tree. Will the tree be able to be erected safety with the squatters present? Will the squatters and tent shantytown become part of the Bethlehem’s beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas scene?

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