Sunday, February 15, 2009

America’s Got Talent – Las Vegas has gone Nuts

I must admit that I do not follow the “America’s Got Talent” television series but I got curious about a story I read about a prior winner. The 2007 winner was a ventriloquist named Terry Fator. I made it a point to view a video of Mr. Fator and was surprised at his ability and talent. He is very, very good. That being said, the thing that caught my attention was the story that he landed a 5 year $100 million deal at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. That’s correct, $100 million for a talented ventriloquist. America is truly the land of opportunity or has gone completely nuts.

Is this another example of excess and misguided priorities in our society to go along with the overpaid athletes and Hollywood starlets? It is a shame that this country doesn’t financial reward other talented people as well. People like the fire fighters, policemen, nurses, teachers and other worthy professions that provide a valuable service. This is America 2009, a little shallower, a little more skewed and a bit confused in it’s priorities.


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