Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Political Language – Words & Phrases that Mislead, Deceive, & Distort the Truth

A politician’s greatest asset is the “manipulation of the English language”. These politicians are a “wily” and “crafty” bunch. That is probably the main reason why the American public rate politicians consistently at the bottom of the barrel. The most important part of any “bill” is not the “content” but the title because with the proper “title” comes the passing or failing of that bill.

Let's face it, the average Joe is either too busy or too self absorbed to spend time in researching the content of a bill - a bill that will affect his very life. Don’t fool yourself either – many if not all bills affect our lives either directly or indirectly. What is left – the title? Yes, the title of a bill gives us a general idea and the crafty politician will use ALL the necessary manipulative words to convince us what he wants us to believe is in the bill whether it is or not.

Perception is all that matters to the politician in the end. The perception that he wants you to believe.

How about a current Example:

The current “Stimulus” bill before the Congress. Yes a “Stimulus” job creating bill.
It’s not a “Pork” bill filled with wasteful provisions.
It’s not a “Spending “ bill on useless projects.
It’s not a “Payback” bill to each congressmen’s folks back home.

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