Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maryland - 1st state with "Green Literacy" Graduation requirement for Public schools

    Maryland public school students will need to have "Environmental Literacy" to graduate from high school under a new policy adopted by the state board of education. The requirement applies to students entering high school this fall. All students will have to meet standards set by the state. School systems will have to report to the state every five years on what they're doing to meet the requirements.

    Environmental activists have now directly affected the "education curriculum" that every student is taught. I don't know anyone that doesn't want a healthy environment for our children, our grandchildren and ourselves.

    Saving the planet and our environment already is woven into our lives everyday through the print media, on television, on the Internet, on product labeling, in advertisements and on and on. Is there anyone in America who has not been exposed to "Environmental Literacy" already ?

But there seems to be some unanswered questions....
   What are the "state requirements" for Environment Literacy ?
   Who is writing the requirements for graduation ?
   Will this new required area of education need more staffing ?
   What will this new Environment Literacy cost ?
   How much school time will this new curriculum consume ?
        ( there's only so much "teaching time" in the school day )
        ( our kids are already behind in Math, Science, & History )
        ( parents believe they need more time in these subjects )

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