Tuesday, June 28, 2011

San Francisco Bridge built in China shipped to United States - How far have we fallen ?

Golden Gate Bridge - Construction started on Jan. 5, 1933

    The fabricated steel used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was manufactured by Bethlehem Steel in plants in Trenton, New Jersey and Sparrows Point, Maryland and in plants in three Pennsylvania towns: Bethlehem, Pottstown, and Steelton. The steel was loaded, in sections, onto rail cars, taken to Philadelphia and shipped through the Panama Canal to San Francisco. The shipment of the steel was timed to coincide with the construction of the bridge.

Fast-Forward to today - June 28, 2011

    A new San Francisco 2,050 ft-long bridge built in China is being shipped to the United States. In July, four enormous steel skeletons will be shipped 6,500 miles from Shanghai to San Francisco before being assembled on site. The new bridge will connect San Francisco with Oakland on the other side of the bay.

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