Friday, June 03, 2011

Bethlehem School District will layoff 56 teachers & others ..

    Bethlehem Area School District next school year intends to layoff 56 teachers. Dozens of other employees are also facing layoffs in the Bethlehem Area School District next school year. School principals in the district told teachers that their positions may be cut in 2011-12. The positions include 50 full-time teachers and 6 part-time teachers plus an additional two dozen other positions that will not be filled through attrition.

    The layoff notices do not include other employee cuts to teacher's aides, secretaries and other positions. Those figures have not been finalized by the Administration. The district administration must send written layoff notices to teachers by Wednesday June 8, 2011 according to the teachers' contract.

On Wednesday, 265 Allentown teachers received layoff notices

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