Saturday, June 11, 2011

New York Times & Washington Post infected with - PDS - Will they need to be Fumigated ...

    "PDS" or Palin Derangement Syndrome is an "acute onset of paranoia in suspected normal people in reaction to any mention of Sarah Palin".

    The Times and the Post have asked their readers   ( that's problematic right there ),  to assist the newspaper   ( that's a questionable description of these 2 companies )   to dig through 24,000 e-mails of the former Alaska Gov. in order to extract new stories that will lead to further investigation ( called diggin' for dirt ).

    It's obvious that these 2 organizations have "totally lost it". Forget the fact that the Times & Post are rapidly approaching the fate of the once mighty Dinosaur or that newspaper revenues are drying up faster than Kool-Aid in the Sahara Desert.

    I guess there's no real news going on in the world anyway. OH well, I'll just file the "Times" & "Post" over here in the archive section with the old "Pravda" newspaper.

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