Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chef Anthony Bourdain takes on 3 Lovely Ladies & a Guy with a strange haircut ...

    Why is Anthony Bourdain, chef, author, and host of the Travel Channel's “No Reservations” culinary adventure program picking a fight with Paula Deen, Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray, and Guy Fieri. Bourdain criticized their cooking prowess and food quality in a recent interview thereby igniting the back and forth comments between Bourdain and Deen.

    Bourdain is not shy and has in the past put-down other celebrity chefs, like Emeril Lagasse, and Bobby Flay. It seems like Bourdain likes to criticize the Food Network personalities.

    Maybe some of those exotic dishes, and that’s being kind, that he eats on his program are backing-up his system and making him a little irritable. Whatever, I guess when you are the “bad boy of food” you just have to be bad and that means picking on other celebrity cooks.

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