Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bethlehem Controller refuses to sign Musikfest Contract - forces Mayor's public commitment

    Bethlehem Controller, Meg Holland, did not sign the Musikfest contract forcing Bethlehem officials to make a public promise to re-examine ArtsQuest's amount of reimbursement to the city for it's expenses in getting ready for the Lehigh Valley festival. This will not happen however until next fall.

    She said that she only held up signing of the contract to get a public commitment that the contract would be revisited. Holland wanted to get Mayor Callahan to make the commitment publicly because she cannot initiate reopening the contract once it is signed. She also noted that her goal was never to hold up the festival but to make sure that the city follows through with the renegotiation.

    Good job Meg in keeping an eye on city revenues & expenses. The taxpayers do not need to cover any unnecessary shortfalls in the city budget with higher taxes.

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