Saturday, August 06, 2011

Morning Call confused me today delivering Sunday paper, but wait it's Saturday ...

What's up with the morning newspaper? This morning I robotically pulled the newspaper from my Morning Call box. I almost dropped it because of the weight. WOW, this Saturday paper is really thick. As I went into the house and opened the paper I saw the regular Sunday Parade magazine. Wait a minute that can't be right - it’s Saturday.

As I went through more of the paper I found the regular Sunday Select TV section of the paper. Put wait, it is really Saturday isn’t it. What's up? Did I get a visit from Rod Serling and I'm really in the "Twilight Zone". No, it can't be that show went off the air in the late 60's.

What newspaper mystery will I find tomorrow. Will the Sunday paper be the Saturday paper or maybe it will be the Monday paper. Well, I guess time will solve this mystery.

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