Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Bad condition of U.S. Education that ... ALL the Money in the world won't FIX ...

    The recent news of the Atlanta, Georgia school cheating scandal highlights the bad state of our education system. Over 80 Atlanta teachers admitted to cheating on state standardized tests. Yes, the teachers were cheating for the kids.

    One group of elementary teachers even held a "party" after school to change their pupils' answers by hand. What kind of thinking is that? Why not have a "party" to teach the kids how to study or maybe a "party" to give them some additional "teaching" help? .... But, a "party" to cheat !

    Kids feel the need to "cheat" and now some teachers even feel the need to "cheat" because both are equally unprepared. The kids need to learn the "quality education material" that school districts taught years ago. Get back to basics - Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, History, Geography, and Science. You need to build a strong foundation first. And if a teacher thinks that it is OK to teach a kid to cheat then maybe they need a career change because they are obviously unqualified to influence young minds.

    With the next election cycle in full swing you are already hearing the familiar talking point from the Politicians that "we need to invest more money into education".

    There is NO amount of money that can fix a bad teacher, inspire an unmotivated student, energize an uninterested parent, improve an inferior curriculum supported by a school district, or overcome inept, unqualified state and federal school officials.

Truth is .... there are things Money cannot buy or fix .... like a Good, Quality Education.

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