Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some American Greatness gone Forever- NASA final shuttle flight lands - ends 30 yr program

NASA's final shuttle flight landed in Florida ending a 30-year program. The 100-ton spaceship Atlantis landed at the airstrip at the Kennedy Space Center today - July 21, 2011. This was the 135th. and last shuttle mission in a 30-year history.

America will have to pay the Russians in the near future to go to the International Space Station because the Russians are the only carrier to the Space Station now. The Russians will get hundreds of millions of dollars in fees to transport U.S. and other astronauts to the orbiting laboratory in its Soviet-vintage Soyuz spacecraft.

The Russian Space Agency charges NASA $56 million to send up astronauts and that cost will increase to $63 million per person starting in 2014.

This situation is sickening. So you think some of America's greatest hasn't diminished?

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