Saturday, July 23, 2011

Football News - NFL owners vote a deal to end lockout - NOW it's up to the Players

Owners Approve New Football Labor Deal, it's now up to the players.

    The probability of the Philadelphia Eagles returning to Lehigh University this summer is still in doubt - time is running out. The lockout will not end until a new agreement is finalized, voted on and signed by the players. Time is the main problem - "Not enough time".

    The trade and free agency period takes time also and that would begin after an agreement is signed. The Eagles may not have enough time to train at the Lehigh campus. The Eagles have an August 17 checkout date. This date is necessary in order to turn around the dorm, athletic and dining facilities for student use a week later.

    The Eagles may have to skip Lehigh altogether and hold their entire training camp at the NovaCare Complex which is the team's regular practice facility in south Philadelphia. Some bad omens have already happened regarding training camp. The Baltimore Ravens have already cancelled the public portion of their camp at McDaniel College. The New York Jets followed suit and cancelled their off-site training camp. The dominos could start to fall as the other teams may do the same and cancel their off-site training camps.

Can you say "Goodbye Eagles for summer 2011"? There's always next year.

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