Friday, April 08, 2011

Dorney Park 2012 Roller Coaster expansion

    Dorney Park 2012 plans to unveil an "Inverted Boomerang" coaster. The new coaster at Dorney Park will be relocated from a California park that is owned by parent company Cedar Fair LP.

    The Inverted Boomerang coaster will be a 138-foot tall ride. The coaster will be reconditioned before being put into service at Dorney Park in 2012. This new coaster will replace the double-loop Laser that was removed in 2008. The planned location of the new coaster is in the northwest portion of the park near Lincoln Drive.

    Park officials say that the new coaster is modest in comparison to a bigger coaster like Steel Force. Coaster riders will be seated facing each other and suspended below the track. The ride will invert four times and sounds like a thrilling ride.

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