Friday, April 15, 2011

Say it isn’t so – pulling the plug on “One Life to Live” & closing the door on “All My Children”

    There are “Dark Shadows” descending over the soap opera world. ABC is pulling the plug on two perennial soap operas – “All My Children” premiering in 1970 and “One Life to Live” making its début in 1968. “All My Children” has received over 30 Emmy Awards over these 40 years.

    ABC is replacing these icons with two new series. Are you ready for this? One new show is called “The Chew” – a food show. Just what we need another food show. Aren’t there enough food shows on the Food Network? And where did they come up with that title – “The Chew” – that sounds appetizing.

    The other show is something called – “The Revolution”. No not the American Revolution. That was in 1776 and it didn’t run for forty years like “All My Children”. No, this “Revolution” from ABC is about health and lifestyle transformations. Sounds a little deep for daytime. Oh well, it’s not like television is any good anyway. It died when reality TV arrived.

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