Monday, April 25, 2011

General Motors ready to reclaim the title of “World's Largest Automaker” from Toyota

    Toyota Motor Corp. is about to lose its position as the world's top-selling automaker Toyota reported a wooping 62 % drop in production in Japan in March 2011. We all know the reasons why - parts supply crunch following the earthquake and tsunami.

    Toyota report that its domestic production in March 2011 was approximately 129,400 vehicles. That number of vehicles is the lowest since 1976, when Toyota first began maintaining production figures.

   In 2010, Toyota led world automakers with sales of 8.4 million vehicles. The bad March numbers means that General Motors should be able to reclaim the title of “World's Largest Automaker” again. GM lost that distinsion to Toyota in 2008. Toyota reported that it would not get its global car production back to normal until November or December 2011.

   Toyota's global production in March dropped 30 % year-on-year to approximately 542,400 vehicles, while its sales in Japan tumbled 45 % for the month. Other automakers in Japan did not do very well either in March.

   Honda Motor Co. reported its domestic production in March plunged 63 % with worldwide production falling 19%. Nissan Motor Co. reported production in Japan droping 52%.

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