Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who really wants "LOW Gas Prices" for you and me? Think about this …

    1st. - a Federal Tax of 18.4 cents per gallon is collected in all states in addition to any state or local taxes on gasoline sales. That’s your Federal, state and local officials taking your hard earned money right at the pump. I am sure that the government will spend our money wisely.

    2nd. - The “inflated cost” for a barrel of oil from the Middle East, which in turn “inflates” the cost of gasoline at the pump, is nothing less than a “Added Tax” on each an every American’s income. If the “cost is inflated” then that means it is an “added cost” over-and-above what the cost should be – I call that an “added tax”.

    3rd. - Every commodity on the plant is affected by “Supply” and “Demand”. Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of any market economy.

Price is a reflection of supply and demand. If demand for gasoline for example exceeds supply then the Price of gas goes UP. If the supply of gasoline exceeds the demand ( a glut of gas )then the Price of gas will go Down.

Now with these supply and demand principles in mind let me ask you a few simple question.

- Why are we then not producing all the gasoline (Supply) that we can in America?

- Why is our government still preventing drilling from resuming in the Gulf after all the oil rigs have been certified safe? Did you know that Seven ( 7 ) oil drilling plateforms in the Gulf have left and gone to Brazil. (This reduces our Supply)

- Why is our government preventing more offshore oil development? (Again Reducing our Supply)

- Why in general then is our government preventing America from increasing its oil (Gasoline Supply)?

You tell me – Who is really looking out for you and me at the gas pump?

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