Friday, April 29, 2011

Living in the Lehigh Valley is wonderful – Just try not to breathe too much ..

    Some community leaders, land developers and various businesses love to promote the Lehigh Valley with an envious eye on new financial wealth but at what price. Well, the price too often is a lowering of the “Quality of Life” in the valley for all of us. With increased industrial development and population growth comes the other side of the coin – more traffic congestion, increased crime, higher cost of living and the latest negative result of this expansion - “poor air quality”.

    Yes, the American Lung Association has graded Lehigh and Northampton counties with a grade of “F” in air quality. The measure of soot pollution is the cause for the “F” grade. It seems that the residents of the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton area are breathing unhealthy levels of ozone and particle pollution. We now have the distinction of being the 3rd. worst metropolitan area in Pennsylvania behind Philadelphia and Pittsburg.

    So next time you read a story in the newspaper about a new company moving its operations to the area or a new shopping mall being built stop for a moment and think about the downside, how it impacts you and your family and who is making money off of this expansion.

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