Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FAA air traffic controller watches movie while working - Is it time to clean house ?...

    An air traffic controller has been suspended for watching a movie when he was supposed to be monitoring aircraft. More embarrassment for the Federal Aviation Administration following at least 5 cases of controllers sleeping on the job.

    In this latest incident, the controller was watching a movie on a DVD player early Sunday morning while on duty at a regional radar center in Oberlin, Ohio, near Cleveland. In all, the FAA has suspended 9 controllers and supervisors since late March. Nearly all the incidents occurred during overnight shifts when traffic is light and people naturally have trouble staying awake.

      1. Many People travel at night ... tell them that traffic is light so the air traffic controllers do not need to be as alert.
      2. Did you ever work "night shift"? I did, you still have to put in your 8 hrs, and you do not earn extra "sleep time" just because it's dark outside.

    Top officials from the FAA the air traffic controllers' union just kicked off a cross-country tour of air traffic control facilities on Monday.

      1. Maybe instead of a "tour of facilities" the general public would be better served with resignations of top officials and firings in the union.

      2. With Unemployment still at record highs and the many very qualified people looking for work perhaps our "Wasteful Congress" (Democrats & Republicans alike) can us some of that "stimulus pork project money" to hire and train people willing to work, do their job and Oh yes, stay awake in the process.

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