Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Federal Government is installing charging stations for Electric cars & vehicles

The Federal Government is installing charging stations for government vehicles in Washington, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco in order to boost the use of electric vehicles.

The General Services Administration plans to buy 116 plug-in electric vehicles,
Including 101 Chevrolet Volts. That is a tiny fraction of the 650,000 vehicles that the GSA manages.

According to the GSA the purchases announced Tuesday are expected to cut gas usage by almost 29,000 gallons a year, saving taxpayer an estimated $116,000 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 257 metric tons.

In addition to the extended-range Volts, the GSA said it would but 10 battery electric Nissan Leaf vehicles and five Think City EV models from Finish EV startup.

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