Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who the heck is "Katy Perry" & whats up with her 45 page "Tour Rider" requirements

A “Tour Rider” specifies the provisions that each entertainer requires while traveling on the road - just in case you didn't know.

Katy Perry is on her California Dreams World Tour. Her 45 page “tour rider” specifies that her drivers are not permitted to open doors, touch bags, or stare at the back seat thru the rear view mirror. The driver is also forbidden to start a conversation with Perry, speak to her guests or fans, ask for autographs, speak on the phone, or drive anywhere other than the left lane on highways. In total, there are 23 specific points on the page in the tour rider marked "Principle Driver Policy."

Many of the requests for Perry's dressing rooms are pretty standard like tea, fresh fruit, chips and salsa. One particularly slick requirement in Perry's “Tour Rider” asks for promoters to set aside seats for her "Personal Manager" to resell via secondary ticket vendors and stressing that Katy's crew isn't required to share any of the profits with the promoter. That means Perry's people are selling a handful of tickets directly to fans via the legendarily inflated secondary-ticket market and pocketing the profits.

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