Saturday, May 14, 2011

Washington DC was wrong again - Medicare runs out of MONEY sooner -2024

The government had to revise its estimate again -- So what else is new. Yes people, Medicare the federal government’s largest trust fund will run out of money in 2024 – 5 years earlier. If the Medicare problem is not tackled now as some Republicans have suggested the system will be out of money and not be there in a very short time. Everyone knows “how time flies – 2024 is not that far off.

Washington needs to “tackle” the problem NOW and not like Nero “fiddle while Rome (USA) burns”. It is shameful how some Democrats are trying scare seniors in an effort to get votes. I guess to them it’s more important to get votes than work on the countries problems. Enough already with playing politics with Medicare. Do the “hard work” that you were elected to do NOW and stop “kicking the can down the road” for our kids and grandchildren to deal with and fix the Medicare problem. This May 2011 Trustees Report stressing that Medicare runs out of money in 2024, 5 yrs earlier means that “we have now run out of road”.

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