Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York owed $16.4 million in unpaid city parking tickets & fines from Foreign Diplomats

New York City wants a cut of any U.S. aid money heading to foreign countries who refuse to pay their parking tickets. Republican Representative Michael Grimm of Staten Island believes that "There's no such thing as 'diplomatic immunity' from paying parking tickets".

About 289 foreign missions have racked up more than $16.4 million in unpaid city parking tickets and fines in New York. U.S. current law allows withhold 100% of the amounts owed in unpaid parking tickets and taxes from any U.S. aid to offending countries.

New York city recently got Kuwait to cough up $1 million in fines. Egypt still tops the list of offending countries with 17,948 unpaid tickets totalling $1.9 million owed

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